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Get all 3 CDs , that were released by Tatyana Ryzhkova:

“Guitar” is the debut CD by Tatyana Ryzhkova, released in 2010.
Here you will find the 2nd violin sonata by J. S. Bach, romantic pieces by J. K. Mertz and a composition
“Suite pour Tatyana”, written special for Tatyana Ryzhkova. This musical work was created by a dutch
composer Jean Sevriens (1959-2013).
The last piece of the CD is a wonderful Tango by A. Piazzolla “Otoño Porteño”.

Tatyana Ryzhkova’s second CD was released in 2017 under the title “Expressions”. Here you will find
a magnificent mixture of Classical music by Mauro Giuliani, Spanish hits of classical guitar like Capricho Arabe and wonderfull Tango music by Astor Piazzolla. The climax of the CD is Libertango, performed by a quartet  – all guitars are played by Tatyana Ryzhkova.

Tatyana Ryzhkova released her third CD “Dreams of a Russian Summer” in 2017 . The title of the CD is based
on the similarly-named piece written by William Lovelady. This CD is strongly based on the artist’s concert program. As a bonus track you will find a recording from the project “Tatyana and The Gentlemen” –
an exciting formation that has already caused a sensation on major stages around the world.




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