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Virtuosic, amiable and wonderful – what a combination!


The classic guitar player Tatyana Ryzhkova, born in 1986 in Belorussia is one of the most promising young guitar players of the world. Meanwhile, she has the highest click-through rates on YouTube among the classic guitar players. In more than 500 concerts on all continents she won a large fan community due to her fascinating life performance with a combination of virtuosity, emotional dedication and friendly conversation.

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Having more than 40 Million Clicks on YouTube Tatyana Ryzhkova is one of the most seen classical guitarists. She impresses with a mixture of virtuosity, emotional expression and her sympathetic presence


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Tatyana & The Gentlemen

In this breathtaking formation, the highlights of such music genres as classic, pop and jazz are brought together. The famous classical guitar player Tatjana Ryzhkova interprets classical hits and well-known pop and jazz-songs in her own manner. Thereby she is supported by her band consisting of saxophone, piano, bass and drums. The joy of playing, masterful arrangement and delightful warm acoustical sound of the band, one must have listened to it! Experience the fascinating transformation of how smoothly Vivaldi flows into Bach and finally changes to one of “The Beatles” songs. Let yourself get enchanted by this overflowing creativity and enjoy an unforgettable evening. Entertainment of the highest level is guaranteed.


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Who is lucky enough to be able to attend a class of the worldwide renowned classical guitar player? Too expensive, too difficult, booked out – not really! At Tatyanas Guitar School in Bremen everybody is welcome, who seriously would like to learn playing the classical guitar. Doesn’t matter, if you are young, a beginner or an advanced learner. Even your location doesn’t play any role thanks to distant classes via skype. Group or individual classes, in German, Russian or English – everything is possible! Tatyana is a young concert player with international background, who is happy to share her knowledge and experience with others. Thank to her intuitive and insightful approach she knows, how to develop her pupils‘ abilities to their full personal potential. The goal is to reach the individual successful results. Are you thinking of learning to play the concert guitar or do you want to refresh your skills? Don’t hesitate and make an appointment for a free of charge trial class right now!

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Hallo Tatyana, Hiermit möchte ich mich für die überaus freundliche Bedienung bedanken. Die Lieferung war erstaunlich schnell binnen 2 Tagen. Das Case ist einwandfrei, die Gitarre ist optisch und klanglich ein Genuss. Die Teile sind von höchster Qualität und handwerklich einwandfrei verarbeitet. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Gerhard
- Gerhard R. -
Hi Tatyana, I have been loving watching your videos on youtube and have been amazed at your passion and talent for playing the guitar. You are truly a very gifted young lady. I was just listening to my favorite christian artist Rich Mullins' song "Calling out your Name" and thought it would be amazing to hear a guitar version arranged by you because you have the kind of ability to do that. It's a very intricate beautiful hammered dulcimer piece I think you'd enjoy. Keep on doing exactly what you do so beautifully and well.
- Devin -
I have played Lagrima for years, and while I thought it had the potential to be a beautiful piece of music, it always sounded rather soulless to me, even when played by very talented musicians. All that changed when I heard the YouTube video of you playing it. You found the beauty in the notes that so many others, myself included, had never been able to find. Thank you for sharing your gift.
- Richard Miller -
I find your artistry compelling Tatyana, and am interested as others in your instructional resources. Thank you for sharing with all of your fans.
- Bob Ferguson Ferguson -
Yes Tatyana I am so glad that I discovered you on YouTube I have seen most of your videos. And someday I hope to see you play live! You are so STUNNING AND BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY! I feel ECSTASY! when I hear and watch you play the guitar you are a treasure beyond compare the world is a better place with you in it.
- John Alexander Harris -
I am sure many of your fans would love to have a dvd of your concert performances. We have all seen, enjoyed and saved your You Tube videos, some of them live, audience, performances. We would all be thrilled to see you in a full concert, and replay the disc many times. Are there any plans for this? Andrej K
- Andrzej Kwiatkowski -
you are so beautiful! charming eyes attract me day and night welcome to china, i live in shanghai beg you made a plan which CONDUCT A PERFORMANCE
Ich bin in der Liebe auf Tatyana!
- Paolo -
If you keep holding the guitar like that, dancing with it like that, and flirting with it like that, people are going to think you are in love with it. Thank you for reminding me why I started playing .
- Philip Dohogne -
Hi, Tatyana. I m 54 yrs old and learning guitar. I m so inspired by your style, just memorizing to listen to you playing. Thanks for posting on YouTube. You have inspired so many people young and old. I live in NC with wife and 2 kids. I wish you could find time to visit United State and give concerts. I would definitely come.
- Nolan Kosmo -