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Tatyana Ryzhkova (as well as other renown guitarists like Scott Tennant) uses this guitar support since 2005 and recommends it to all her students. The Ergoplay support allows you to adjust the rest’s inclination and angle to suit your height and your habit of playing, keeping your guitar stable. It will relax your back and shoulders, which makes playing the guitar much more healthy.

Guitar support

  • Innovative guitar support developed by Johannes Tappert
  • Metal construction
  • Cellular rubber padding for the thigh
  • Attach to the side of the guitar via 3 suction cups
  • Height and tilt can be adjusted to fit any body size
  • Height between 135 and 205 mm
  • Upper Leg rest plate: 235 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes adhesive foils to protect open-pore lacquer



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