Master Class – Right Hand. Planting

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Download a link to Tatyana Ryzhkova’s masterclass on the topic “Right Hand. Planting”.

Duration of the video: 1h 38min

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Here you can purchase a link to recording of a live stream master class with Tatyana Ryzhkova, which was held on the topic “Right Hand. Planting”. You will be able to make all exercises together with Tatyana.

In this video Tatyana will share her knowledge on this topic and also show you a complex of exercises. The subitems of this master class are:

  • the preparation of the right hand
  • how to become confident and sure, while playing difficult fingering in the right hand
  • plenty of exercises for the right hand

Tatyana Ryzhkova offers Lessons, Master Classes and Live Practice Sessions on her Patreon Website (, where you can participate  and ask Tatyana Ryzhkova your questions during live streams. In Tatyana’s Online Shop you have the opportunity to purchase single master classes, without to become a Patron.


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  1. Geoffrey S.H.

    Tatyana: Best Lesson EVER for right hand! Just a little practice made my hand much more stable resulting in even and warmer sound. Much faster too. THe trouble I have to relearn all my pieces…..THANKS a LOT….better this way!!!!

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