Practicing Live with Tatyana Ryzhkova on 29th of April 2022


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Watch live practice session with Tatyana Ryzhkova on 29th of April 2022 at 4 p.m. CEST. Duration: approx. 2 hours. You will be also able to see the recording of the live steam, if you are not able to watch it live.

Live practice sessions are often made by Tatyana Ryzhkova on her Patreon platform to show the technical and creative part of working process. In other words Tatyana shows how the scores become music. You will be able to ask Tatyana questions about her practicing in live time and Tatyana will also explain her action for your better understanding.

This time you have a possibility to watch the practicing session without becoming a Patron. However you are very welcome to join Tatyana’s Patreon family where you will find a lot of valuable information about guitar and where you also can directly get in touch with Tatyana.

The plan for this practice session:

  • Warm up
  • Technical exercises for finger strength and flexibility
  • Preparation of pieces for the concert on 7 th of May 2022 – working on memorization, technique and expression
    • Pieces like: F. Tarrega – Capricho Arabe, F. Sor – Mozart Variations, S. L. Weiss – Fantasy, etc.


Previous reviews:

Miguel Bravo: “Amazing evening, thank you so much. It is a great opportunity to see how such a talented musician works in his practice routine. 2 hours and a half without a break and answering questions….I felt privileged.”

Portia O’Callaghan: “That was such a treat to watch! I especially like how you don‚Äôt seem to get frustrated with mistakes. I will work on this! Thank you very much for sharing your practicing time with us. ūüôŹūüŹĽ”

Heike Jennissen: “Thank you so much for showing us the way you practice. I learn so much. Thanks for sharing ūüíźūüíźūüé∂”


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